Utah has some of the most beautiful terrains in the country, but that also presents unique air quality challenges. OyBoy Heating and Cooling bring over 40 years of indoor air quality expertise to those around Lehi, UT.

    Every situation is unique, and so our team approaches each home with fresh eyes and new ideas. This means we will look at your particular air quality needs and find the right air quality solutions given your goals and budget.

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    Trusted Air Quality Solutions

    Air quality has come into sharp focus recently due to the potential health implications it carries. However, not only does it affect your health but also how your heating and cooling systems work. With poor air quality, your comfort systems can require more service, and it may have a shortened service life.

    When we think about air quality, this goes well beyond the industrial and automotive contaminants that usually come to mind. Rather, there are a host of particles floating around in your air that you may not have considered.

    Common household air contaminants include:
    • Particulate matter like dust
    • Volatile organic compounds
    • Biological contaminants like pollen
    • Pet dander
    • Bacteria
    • Viruses

    The goal of improving your air quality is not removing these contaminants entirely. Unfortunately, that’s not possible without a sealed space. However, you can greatly reduce the concentration of these contaminants with the right approach.

    One of the first things to look at is the condition of your HVAC system. These contaminants collect on system components and collect throughout your ducts. Ensuring your system is cleaned regularly, including periodic duct cleaning, removes a lot of these particles from circulation.

    Humidity plays a vital role in controlling your air quality as well. The EPA suggests the ideal indoor humidity is 30%-50%. Anything more and you encourage biological particle growth. Anything less keeps particles in the air longer.

    Then filtering and purification play the next role in controlling these pollutants. You need to ensure you’re using the right air filter in your system. Then consider adding either system-wide or individual room filters.

    The right air purifier in your Lehi home will then help render what particles may be left inert, preventing them from completing their cellular function. These systems are both stand-alone or system-wide and may include ultraviolet or electrostatic purifiers.

    Lehi’s Indoor Air Quality Team

    Your air quality is only as good as the way you maintain your system. That’s why our team in Lehi first evaluates the condition of your furnace and AC as well as your ducts. From there, we explore the options for humidity control, extra filtration and air purification.

    Know that your air quality is being treated from the root system to the circulating air. Call OyBoy Heating and Cooling to schedule your air quality solutions consultation in Lehi today.